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We maintain close contacts with the shipping companies and continually check current pricing to obtain the lowest possible cost for you to export your goods out of China. Whether you ship by express mail, air or sea, we will follow your shipment until it reaches your destination.
Our Beijing office arranges insurance for all ocean freight consignments.     
To search and find the latest U.S. Customs rulings and decisions regarding a product that you are interested in please visit this web site. Click here . Enter your search terms and click on either "Headquarters Customs Rulings" or "New York Customs Rulings" and then click search. The information provided will help you to make your decision on tariff and duty issues, including possible visa requirements.
Please remember that rulings change on a monthly basis. If you need Guardianleo to perform this search for you then please let us know what you are looking for and we will submit to you the results within 48 hours of receiving notice.
    •For information regarding United States Customs rules and procedures, please go to the following link: Click here •For information regarding United States Customs Tariff Classifications, please download the following PDF file: Click here .
    •To download a copy of the United States Customs Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC) for 2002 in Adobe PDF format please Click here.
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