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Products List:

Guardianleo International Limited.'s primary focus is in the manufacturing of disposable garments made from a diverse group of non-woven products. We recognize that what may suit "Company A" is not necessarily beneficial to "Company B".

With so many choices available we strive to determine your products qualifying factors prior to issuing prototype samples or quotations. This is how we address your needs preliminary to the placement of an order.

These issues are relevant to any product.
Fabric Type Fabric Weight Product Development
Material Development Commodity Packaging Product Presentation
Private Labeling Shipping & Export Insurance
Fabric Types and Weights vary greatly and are dependent upon your application. We help our Customers to decide the best fit for their products utilization in the commercial sector. Fabric weights vary and the choice of materials is outlined to our Clients based upon functionality. As your manufacturing partner we endeavor to make sure that you are aware of all options preparatory to production.

Product and Material Development
are what we excel in. Unlike most companies on the Mainland we are creative in our thinking and in the finding of solutions that fit the Buyer¡¯s demands. As your close assistant in business we can assure you that your proprietary ideas are protected. We have successfully developed 14 new products since 1996 of which 6 have had patent applications applied for on the behalf of our Clients.

Commodity Packaging, Product Presentation and Private Labeling
are issues that we encourage our Clients to consider carefully. We work closely with you to determine how you want your product displayed to your market. We can help you to determine a packaging scheme or use your current packaging style. Our Art Department can produce customized artwork for you or you can supply your own for printing your label and design on the boxes and cartons.

is why our Clients choose Guardianleo Enterprises LTD. as their Mainland Partner in the manufacturing and supply of disposable clothing, products and accessories. We understand patent and trademark issues as well as the need not to disclose information.


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