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FSI Shelters Systems
DAT®2020S – Approx. 7’W×7’L×7’H(2125mm×2125mm×2429mm),50 sq. ft.(4.7m2),80 lbs.(36kg),full size,one person first responder portable hazmat decon shower system complete.Comes with 7 spray nozzles, and 1 single multi-function trigger gun
DAT®2999S I 3 Shower Stalls equipped with an inte. grally attached ground floor that wiII hold uO tO 1 00 gallons of water in each,2 rOll up windows—one on each side,3 skyIights,fuII closu re slip in and out dirty entry/clean exit doors on each end. Approx.20’W X 7’L X 8’H f6 66 M X 2.13 M X 2.43 M),147 sq. Ft. ,160 Ibs.(75.57 Kg)
DAT®3060S i 3 line,3 or 4 stage mass casualty decon showe r system can decon 3 to
6 ambulatory,3 non—ambulatory.or any combination. Undress/deleraent shower/rinse
showedredress configuration. AIso comes w. additionaI center divider cu rtain at N/C tO tum unit into a very large 2 IiRe system on demand Approx 13。W X 20'L x 9'H f3947 mm X 6072 mm X 2732mm),260 sq ft(24 2 M2),185Ibs. (84 Kq).
DAT®4099S——5 line. 3 or 4 stage mass casualty decon shower system, decon 5 and/or uP to 10 non ambulatory,5 and/or uD tO 1 0 ambulatory personnel or any combination, approx.15.W X 23 5. X 9.H f4554 mm X 7135 mm X 2732 mm). 325 Ibs.f145 kg),4‘L(1214 mm)und ress area/15. 5'L (4706 mm)shower area/4.(1 21 4 mm) redress area configu ration. Approx. 352 sqft. (32 75 M2).
DAT®QE2525S Approx. 7·W X 13IL X 8’H(2.13 X 3.95 X 2.43M), with 3 stage 4 ft. (1.2 M)/Undress/5 ft. (1.52 M)Shower/4 ft(1.2 M1 Re dress areas. A Firstr Responder Ambulatory‘Decon shower system with 6 spray nozzles and 2 trigger guns, 91 sq.ft. (85 M2),145 Ibs. (66Kg.)

DAT®QE2525S MA approx. 7‘W X 13’L X 8'H (2.13 X 3.95 X 2.43M), W.3 stage 3 ft. (.91M)Undress/7 ft. (2.13 M) Shower/3 ft.(.91 M) Redress areas. A Single line Ambulatory and/or Non-Ambulatory Decon shower system with 6 spray nozzles and 2 multiple function trigger guns, 91 sq.ft. (8.5 M2), 1 45 Ibs. (66 Kg.)

DAT®QE2626S Single wide stretcher decon shower system to handle 1 non—ambulatory victim W. attendants, 4 multiple function trigger guns approx 7' W X 13’L X 8'H(2.13 X 3.95 X 2.43M), 91 sq ft(8.5 M2), 145 Ibs(66Kg.)

DAT®QE3030S Approx. 1 0’W X 1 0’L X 8’H(3 X 3 X 2.43 M), 100 sq. Ft. (9.3 M2), 115 Ibs. (52.2Kg.) 2 Line Mass Casualty Decon ShOwer System that can handle two non-ambulatory stretchers or 4 ambulatory personnel or any combinations of the above. Unit has 12 spray nozzles and 4 multiple function trigger guns.

DAT®E3535S 2-Line 3/4 stage Mass Casualty Decon Shower System,Approx. 10’W X 15'L X 9'H(3 X 4.5 X 2.75M), 150 sq. ft. (14 M2), 165 Ibs. (75Kg). Undress/Detergent Shower/Rinse Shower/Redress configuration. Decon 2 to 4 ambulatory personnel, 2 non-ambulatory or any combination at one time. Unit has 2 lines with 4’(1.2 m)undress, 7’(2.13 M)detergent/rinse shower area, 4’(1.2 M)redress sections with 12 spray nozzles and 4 multiple function trigger guns.

DAT®QE3060S 3 line 3/4 stage Mass Casualty Decon Shower System can decon 3 to 6 ambulatory,3 non-ambulatory, or any combination undress/Detergent Shower/Rinse Showe r/Redress configuration. Approx. 1 2’W X 20’L x 9’H(3.7 X 6 X 2.75M), 240 sq. ft. (22.3M.), 245 Ibs. (111 Kg). Unit has 1 2 spray nozzles and 8 multiple function trigger guns.
●  Uses: command shelter, field hospital, medicaI surge capacity, tem porary housing, portable morgue, athletic training cool down, isola tion chamber, crime scene shelter, other.
●  Multiple sizes: from 1 00 sq. ft. to 1, 850 sq. ft. (9.3M2 to 172M2)
●  Extremely Heavy Duty
●  Canopy fabric iS U.V./chemical resistant and fire retardant. Quick, eficient and simple to set up within 1-5 minutes(size and inflation dependentl with simple valving all on entry side via supplied P-EID/P-ElD-HD inflator/deflator W. 10cking connector. or with compressed air using supplied air fill hose and F-SCBAF-H high pressure fitting.
●  Floor and canopies attached, yet removable for ease of cleaning/repair.
●  Standard colors are‘EMS’blue, ‘army’green, ‘red cross’white. Other colors availableP.O.A.
●  All DAT@series shelters are supplied fully equipped and ready to be placed in service (see detailed specs).Simply roll out, inflate, tie/stake down and commence operations.
●  Multiple cross and center divider sections offered for privacy/undress/redress, other. Incredible stability even in high wind conditions to 70mph(115Kph)plus when properly tied down.
●  Options include extra skylights, windows, side man doors, HVAC ducts, stencils, Iogos, reflective striping, skylight covers, insulating inside canopies, etc.
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